The peak body for pharmacy students

Who is NAPSA

The National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) is the peak representative body for pharmacy students in Australia. We are a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of all pharmacy students in the 18 pharmacy schools located around Australia, providing a range of services and supporting our members and local branches. NAPSA works to promote the pharmacy profession to the public through our involvement in policy development and advocacy, helping to shape the future of the profession. We are committed to promoting and providing professional development opportunities for our members, including networking, leadership and advocacy training, and opportunities to participate in national and international events.

Supa Campus
1946: Where it all began

The President of the Sydney University Pharmaceutical Society, Les Cashen, sends a letter to pharmacy student associations in each state expressing the view that pharmacy is urgently in need of a spirit of cooperation at the federal level. He proposed that each association send a delegate to the Congress of the National Union of Australian University Students (NUAUS) to report on their activities.

1947 Image
1947: Our first meeting

During the Congress at Brighton military camp in Tasmania, a simultaneous pharmacy students conference was held. Colin Caswell and Pat Quinn from Brisbane, Les Cashen from Sydney, and Hal Knightly and John Retallick from Adelaide were assisted in holding this conference by the Secretary of the Tasmanian Pharmaceutical Society J Smithies.

1948 Image
1948: NAPSA is formed

A second conference of Australian pharmacy students was held in conjunction with an NUAUS Congress in Somers, Victoria. At this meeting there was unanimous agreement to establish the National Union of Pharmaceutical Students of Australia (NUPSA). It was the largest representative body of pharmacy students in the world. The union had as its objectives “the standardisation of the courses of study of pharmacy throughout Australia, and promoting understanding between student organisations”. Bill Lumley of the Victorian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association was elected as the first President of NUPSA.

1949 Image
1949: The start of something big

For the first time an invitation to NUAUS Congress was extended to all pharmacy students in Australia by inaugural NUPSA Secretary-Treasurer Lee Cashen, starting the tradition of a NAPSA Congress for all students.

1952 Image
1952: Our first Congress

The first NUPSA Congress was held in Penrith, New South Wales where attendees were expected to cross the Nepean river by rowboat in a final leg of the journey to the venue. Congresses in this era were typically two week events.

Who Is Napsa 1953
1953: Welcome to Tasmania

The Tasmanian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (TPSA) was accepted into NUPSA at the National Congress at Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

Who Is Napsa 1954
1954: Going National

The newly formed Western Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association was accepted into NUPSA at the National Congress in Caloundra, Queensland with every state now having representation.

Late 1980s Dissolution - NAPSA is dissolved by its member organisations who continue to function without national representation.

2001 Image
2001: NAPSA is back

NAPSA was reformed by delegates from eight of the nine pharmacy schools in Australia at the time, with the first Congress following dissolution being held in Adelaide in 2003. 

Meet the Team

NAPSA is served by a team of 8 Executive Directors – including our President – and 11 Chairs, who with the Presidents of each local branch form the backbone of our organisation. Meet us all below, and stay tuned if you’d like to see your face here in the future.

Bano Serhan
Team Bano Serhan

Bano Serhan

National President

Sebastian Harper
Sebastian Harper

Sebastian Harper


Ingrid Stroud
Team Image Placeholder

Ingrid Stroud


McKinley Nolan
Team Mckinley Nolan

McKinley Nolan

Education Director

Shylee-Jade Hadar-Pagliari
Team Shylee Jade Hadar Pagliari

Shylee-Jade Hadar-Pagliari

Internal & External Affairs Director

Gage Ede
Team Gage Ede

Gage Ede

IPSF Director

Harrison Vo
Team Harrison Vo

Harrison Vo

Policy & Advocacy Director

Annabelle Gov
Team Annabelle Gov

Annabelle Gov

Research Director

Xavier Vasquez
Team Xaview

Xavier Vasquez

Alumni Chair

Brielle Geard
Screenshot 2024 02 08 At 11.51.33 am

Brielle Geard

APSJ Chair

James Oh
Team James Oh

James Oh

Education Chair

Zineb Medrek
Team Zineb

Zineb Medrek

IPSF Chair

Aliyah Petker
Team Aliyah

Aliyah Petker

NPSS Chair

Chloe Kappel
Team Chloe Kappel

Chloe Kappel

Pharmacy Awareness Chair

Neo Maphaka
Team Image Placeholder

Neo Maphaka

Policy Chair

Mia Avram
Team Mia Avram

Mia Avram

Publications Chair

Cait Treloar
Team Image Placeholder

Cait Treloar

Research Chair

Abbey Marshall
Team Abbey Marshall

Abbey Marshall

Rural and Indigenous Chair

Chloe Rankine
Team Image Placeholder

Chloe Rankine

Scholarships Chair

NAPSA Honorary Life Members

NAPSA appreciates the effort and energy that our predecessors have contributed to the organisation. We would like to acknowledge our Honorary Life Members who have served the Association.

Previous Executive Committees

  • President Flynn SwiftQueensland University of Technology
  • TreasurerGeorgia BridgesRMIT University
  • SecretaryGerrard FerreiraUniversity of Western Australia
  • BoardEmma O'DonnellGriffith University
  • BoardRenee RountreeJames Cook University
  • BoardMenah BataRMIT University
  • BoardElissar MansourUniversity of Sydney
  • BoardNuha IdrisUniversity of Queensland
  • President Verity BousteadMonash University
  • TreasurerGeorgia BridgesRMIT University
  • SecretarySamantha KingUniversity of Queensland
  • BoardEllie HawkinsQueensland University of Technolog
  • BoardJack PapworthUniversity of Newcastle
  • BoardForrest TangUniversity of Newcastle
  • BoardAlexandra WardUniversity of South Australia
  • BoardFlynn SwiftQueensland University of Technology
  • President Ethan KreutzerMonash University
  • TreasurerRheanna NorrisUniversity of Queensland
  • SecretaryJoseph BejjaniUniversity of Sydney
  • BoardAlexandra WardUniversity of South Australia
  • BoardAntoni UkalovicCurtin University
  • BoardFlynn SwiftQueensland University of Technol
  • BoardJuliet ContrerasUniversity of Canberra
  • BoardSamantha KingUniversity of Queensland
  • President Erin CooperCharles Sturt University
  • TreasurerConcettina BlefariUniversity of South Australia
  • SecretaryEliza HerdUniversity of Newcastle
  • BoardAlexandra WardUniversity of South Australia
  • BoardAisling McEvoyMonash University
  • BoardAntoni UkalovicCurtin University
  • BoardJuliet ContrerasUniversity of Canberra
  • BoardElla CrustCurtin University
  • President Jess (Han-Fang) HsiaUniversity of South Australia
  • TreasurerConcettina BlefariUniversity of South Australia
  • SecretaryEliza HerdUniversity of Newcastle
  • BoardAlicia MartinUniversity of Canberra
  • BoardLily PhamUniversity of Sydney
  • BoardStephanie SalvatoreRMIT University
  • BoardTeana DidsburyQueensland University of Technollogy
  • BoardJoshua HogbenUniversity of South Australia
  • President Sandra MinasLa Trobe University
  • TreasurerJordan GillCharles Sturt University
  • SecretaryEvie Armstrong GordonUniversity of Sydney
  • BoardVasilios SotiropoulosUniversity of South Australia
  • BoardJess (Han-Fang) HsiaoUniversity of South Australia
  • BoardAlicia MartinUniversity of Canberra
  • BoardTahlia MuradorUniversity of Queensland
  • BoardAyomide OgundipeCurtin University
  • President Shefali ParekhMonash University
  • TreasurerNhan DoCurtin University
  • SecretaryJessica O'ConnorUniversity of Sydney
  • BoardDavid PaulmertGriffith University
  • BoardJohn QuinnGriffith University
  • BoardSandra MinasLa Trobe University
  • BoardJames BuckleyJames Cook University
  • BoardAngelica LagodaQueensland University of Technology
  • President Eleanna BallisCharles Sturt University
  • Vice PresidentMatthew ScottLa Trobe University
  • TreasurerJack BuckleyCharles Sturt University
  • SecretaryDavid PaulmertGriffith University
  • BoardTon PhamJames Cook University
  • BoardLauren HaworthUniversity of Tasmania
  • BoardShefali ParekhMonash University
  • BoardJessica O'ConnorUniversity of Sydney
  • President Samuel TurnerQueensland Univeristy of Technology
  • Vice PresidentLauren HaworthUniversity of Tasmania
  • TreasurerJohn TraynorLa Trobe University
  • SecretarySamara McInerneUniveristy of South Australia
  • President Xavier AgostinoRMITL8
  • Vice PresidentAdam LivoriLa Trobe University
  • TreasurerMatthew TomCharles Sturt University
  • SecretaryElleicia BoxUniversity of Queensland
  • President Chris BraithwaiteUniversity of South Australia
  • Vice PresidentEllen PedlerUniversity of South Australia
  • TreasurerFrank KazantzisCurtin University
  • SecretaryBronwyn JonesUniversity of Tasmania
  • President Timothy MizziCharles Sturt University
  • Vice PresidentStacey GoughCurtin University
  • TreasurerZeke SteindlQueensland University of Technology
  • SecretaryArron SparkesUniversity of Queensland
  • President Ashleigh CoomeQueensland University of Technology
  • Vice PresidentDaniel BowtellCurtin University
  • TreasurerTimothy MizziCharles Sturt University
  • SecretarySarah SinclairUniversity of Sydney
  • President Jacqui CarbinesGriffith University
  • Vice PresidentTristen PogueLa Trobe University
  • TreasurerEmma WilsonJames Cook University
  • SecretaryStephen SquiresUniversity of South Australia
  • President Lisa GoldsmithGriffith University
  • Vice PresidentSamantha CorrigaUniversity of Queensland
  • TreasurerGuy HorneUniversity of Tasmania
  • SecretaryJennifer GordonUniversity of South Australia
  • President Paul BuiseCurtin University
  • Vice PresidentLisa GoldsmithGriffith University
  • TreasurerMatthew LoftMonash University
  • SecretaryMatthew BaartzUniversity of Queensland
  • President Brooke MyersJames Cook University
  • Vice PresidentJane HoffmanGriffith University
  • TreasurerPaul BuiseCurtin Unversity
  • SecretaryNader MitriLa Trobe University
  • President Georgina LippisUniversity of Tasmania
  • Vice PresidentJosephine McDowLa Trobe University
  • TreasurerAlana MeaklimMonash University
  • SecretaryPaul BuiseCurtin University
  • President Trent TwomeyJames Cook University
  • Vice PresidentCatherine BrongerUniversity of Sydney
  • TreasurerGeorgina LippisUniversity of Tasmania
  • SecretaryJosephine McDowLa Trobe University
  • President Joe WhitehouseUniversity of South Austr
  • Vice PresidentGhassan ZammarCurtin University
  • TreasurerAlice KochmanQueensland
  • SecretaryTara HehirNew South Wales
  • President Adam PhillipsUniversity of South Austr
  • Vice PresidentMichael PageCurtin University
  • TreasurerGhassan ZammarCurtin University
  • SecretaryAmanda GoughCharles Sturt University
How can I run for a NAPSA office?

NAPSA holds annual elections for all national positions, which are open to any of our student members. Executive Directors are elected in July, while Chairs are generally elected in August. Keep an eye out for notices via emails and posts. We would love to have you on the team!

While NAPSA is an organisation made up of student members, some of the team are recently graduated interns who are on track to be registered pharmacists!

NAPSA has a fascinating and lengthy history extending from the immediate postwar era, so it’s difficult to put it all in the one place. Get in contact and we’d be happy to tell you all about it!

Help our team fill in the blanks!
Contact us if you have photos or key stories from your time in NAPSA (or before).
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