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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Formed in 1927, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild) is a peak national employer organisation, which represents Australia’s community pharmacies. 

The majority of the proprietors of community pharmacies around Australia are direct Members of the Guild, with most of the remainder affiliated through the services that are provided by the Guild and its companies. Our mission is to enable community pharmacy to serve the needs and preferences of patients and health consumers across Australia using pharmacy’s unique role in medication management and safety.

The Guild is governed by a National Council and Branch Committees in every State and Territory. We own a number of successful companies, including the Guild Group (insurance, superannuation, legal, health care industry software solutions) and Gold Cross (products and services). Additionally, the Guild is part owner of FRED IT (dispensing, point-of-sale, prescription exchange).

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is dedicated to supporting new and emerging pharmacy owners and developing new leaders in community pharmacy. The Guild aims to equip early career pharmacists with the pathways, skills, tools and professional networks needed to be leaders in the primary health care system and owners of community pharmacies.

Finding information and making informed decisions about a career in community pharmacy doesn’t have to be challenging. Click here for a range of resources that can help you learn more about the opportunities available.

Secondary Sponsors

Proud sponsors of NAPSA in the PGA family

Did you know that Guild Insurance was created by a pharmacist?

60 years ago, South Australian pharmacist, Mr. Alan A. Russell OBE, met a distressed hairdresser. She told him a customer was going to sue her after they slipped and fell in her salon, and that she didn’t have public liability insurance.

After seeing the challenges that the hairdresser faced because of this incident, Alan felt compelled to help pharmacists avoid the same fate and recognised the opportunity to provide a vital service to the pharmacy community.

After taking his idea to the National Council of the Federated Pharmaceutical Services Guild of Australia (now The Pharmacy Guild of Australia), the Council agreed there should be a nationwide insurer that provides cover for the risks of running a pharmacy.

In 1963, designed to protect and safeguard your profession, Guild Insurance was officially established.

Since our founding, we’ve done whatever we can to ensure our customers are supported throughout their professional journeys. From our policies to event participation, to government-level advocacy, providing access to risk management resources, and so much more; we are here for pharmacists at every step, not just when you need to make a claim.

To this day, Guild Insurance is a proud, ongoing sponsor of the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association and you, our community pharmacists of the future.

Our relationship with NAPSA signifies our strong connection to the pharmacists of tomorrow. We’ve been here for you since the beginning of your journey, and we’ll always be here to support you along your way.

At GuildSuper, we want to make superannuation SUPER easy for you and your employees.

We’re not just your average fund – we’re the super fund with the highest proportion of female members in Australia and we think everyone deserves a healthy financial future. We’re here to support your employees (our superhuman members) in their fight for that.

With more than 93,000 members in our fund (and counting!) and $2.6 billion funds under management, we help our members enjoy the financial future and freedom they deserve. As one of Australia’s best performing super funds (according to the financial comparison experts at Canstar) with competitive fees, you can rest assured your employees’ hard-earned money is in safe hands.

By joining GuildSuper, you will:

  • Get access to an online clearing house at no extra cost. It’s a real time-saver!
  • Be an employer of choice by offering great employee benefits, like their shop-and-save rewards program, SuperSuper, and their medical and wellness app, Virtual Care.
  • Fulfill your employer ‘default’ fund obligations as specified in the Pharmacy Industry Award.
  • Have more time to focus on your business. Our consultants can provide your employees with face-to-face general advice and all the information they need about their super. So, you can trust that your employees are taken care of, while you can concentrate on what you do best.

Fred was launched in 1992 to improve patient outcomes and make it easier for health professionals to run their business. In the 30 years since, Fred has developed groundbreaking technologies in eHealth including electronic prescriptions, real-time prescription monitoring (RTPM), and the first digital script list.

Fred’s leadership in innovation to enhance workflow efficiencies, and medication management and safety continue with our new generation dispense and retail solutions and business services. Fred is also the National Operator of the RTPM systems and the electronic prescription delivery service.

Proudly locally owned and operated Fred is Australia’s largest dedicated provider of Pharmacy IT solutions, servicing and supporting more than 3000 pharmacies.

Fred Dispense Plus

A quick look: Take a peek at the Smarter, Faster and Safer features packed into Fred Dispense Plus with these short demo recordings. View demos 

Learn more: 
In this series of tutorial videos in Fred Learning Pathways you will learn about.

  • Getting Started with Fred Dispense Plus
  • Dispensing eScripts and paper scripts
  • Advanced Features
  • Patients and prescribers
  • Safety Net

Fred Dispense

The Main Dispensing Screen 

An overview of the main dispensing screen, where most of your work in Fred Dispense is done.

The Wait Screen 

Once you finish dispensing a script, the Wait Screen provides information about the most recent script dispensed,
enables you to edit the script, and lets you view and print a range of supporting information.

eHealth Services

Digital health and service innovations you can embrace to improve medication management, access and
safety for both patients and the pharmacy. Learn more

Cyber Security for Pharmacy

With the rise in digital health the issue of data security is vital within the pharmacy sector, and a slip up can
cause damage to a business and legal consequences.

View session recordings, videos and resources explaining the latest trends and threats facing a pharmacy
business, and tips to help you to remain aware and handle a data breach.

Whether you’re tickled pink, you’ve hit a purple patch or out of the blue, it’s time to paint the town red; We know when it comes to the pharmacy profession, it’s rarely black and white.

In fact, it was all these colours and more that gave birth to Gold Cross (then GILSEAL) in 1932, through the development and distribution of pharmacy-exclusive fabric dyes. An old way to breathe new life into clothes and other fabrics pharmacy customers use every day. Since then, we’ve worked hard to part with the industry to bring pharmacy-exclusive products to you for everyday use in pharmacy and at homes across the country.

A fully owned subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild, very few organisations know Aussie pharmacists better. And no other organisation was established to act as a conduit between Australia pharmacies and select partner organisations like Gold Cross was.

Gold Cross has three core offerings for pharmacists and owners.

Glucojel Australia’s favourite jelly beans and now bears, established in 1941 and sold exclusively through pharmacies across Australia.

Endorsed Partners Network Gold Cross identifies best-practice partners to can carry the exclusive Gold Cross endorsement. This not only gives a visible tick of assurance to potential pharmacy clients, but we also source partners that provide exclusive benefits to PGA members.

ITK, or In The Know is the official journal of the Pharmacy Guild. ITK print and Digital reaches over 6,000 individuals within the pharmacy profession and provides current and relevant information for pharmacy owners – or budding pharmacy owners if that’s where your career takes you!

If you have any questions about how Gold Cross can be there for you and your studies, you can visit:

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