Welcome to the NAPSA Research Noticeboard! This noticeboard is an initiative that focuses on developing research and learning opportunities for pharmacy students across Australia. The aim is to connect students and researchers, allowing students to gain research experience outside of their formal university training. Navigate through this portal to see which research projects are available!

Evaluation of Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting at SALHN
  • Institution Flinders Medical Centre
  • Date Commenced
The project is the evaluation of the Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting service at Flinders Medical Centre. This was the first site in South Australia to implement PPMC, a service where clinical pharmacists are able to work beyond their scope of practice through interprofessional collaboration with doctors in Acute Medicine Unit and General Medicine. PPMC involves the pharmacist proactively contributing to patient care by also charting medicines for inpatients, which is known to lead to significantly reduced medication errors and lengths of stay.
Development of a novel solid hydrogel for controlled release of ocular bioactive molecule
  • Institution RMIT University
  • Date Commenced October 27, 2023
High blood sugar levels in uncontrolled diabetes can lead to Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR), the pathological growth of new blood vessels on the retina's surface in response to an ischemic insult that results in pericyte death along the microcapillaries' walls.
Development of a Long-Acting in Situ Implant Delivering Biologics for Melanoma Treatment
  • Institution University of Sydney
  • Date Commenced October 27, 2023
The current melanoma treatment is forked between surgery; radiation; photodynamic therapy; and pharmacotherapy, which consists of topical and systemic treatment.
Investigating food ingredient-drug interactions in model food systems
  • Institution RMIT University - Bundoora campus
  • Date Commenced October 27, 2023
In response to current consumer food trends (e.g. high dietary fibre, high protein, low fat, low sugar, high charcoal …) new food ingredients are being developed and used in food manufacturing to enable the food industry to minimise the negative impacts of reformulation on final food products.
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